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Design, Development Planning, Urban Design & Master Plan, Engineering, Construction Management, Post Occupancy & BIM


is to create a new architectural culture and an ideal corporate value emphasizing art and philosophy of its own, by fully utilizing the state-of-art engineering technologies it has accumulated since its foundation.        뿞뿉씠뵾洹몃9 嫄댁텞쓣 넻븯뿬 깉濡쒖슫 臾명솕瑜 李쎌“븯怨 꽑룄븯硫 젙諛븳 뿏吏땲뼱留곴린踰뺤쓣 넻빐 삁닠怨 泥좏븰씠 떞湲 떊媛쒕뀗 媛移섎 李쎌“븯怨좎옄 빀땲떎.


is to further develop the current technologies to achieve a global design standard and provide customers with the best architectural structures created through ceaseless R&D efforts and armed with challenging spirit.뿞뿉씠뵾洹몃9 쁽옱쓽 湲곗닠쓣 뜑슧 諛쒖쟾떆耳 꽭怨꾩쟻씤 꽕怨 닔以쓣 솗蹂댄븯怨 袁몄븳 뿰援ш컻諛쒓낵 룄쟾젙떊쑝濡 臾댁옣븯뿬 理쒖꽑쓽 寃곌낵臾쇱쓣 援ъ텞븯怨좎옄 빀땲떎.

Future Focus

is to become one of world-level architectural design firms by enhancing its productivity and accumulating higher-level engineering technologies. The group will also level up its price competitiveness with more aesthetic, practical and environment-friendly designs, by establishing client-oriented and effective service system. 뿞뿉씠뵾洹몃9 깮궛꽦 뼢긽怨 뜑遺덉뼱 뜑 넂 닔以쓽 뿏吏땲뼱留 湲곗닠쓣 異뺤쟻븯뿬 꽭怨꾩쟻씤 꽕怨꾪쉶궗濡 諛쒕룍 븯怨좎옄 븯硫 怨좉컼 吏뼢쓽 슚쑉쟻씤 꽌鍮꾩뒪 떆뒪뀥쓣 援ъ텞븯뿬 誘몄쟻씠怨 떎슜쟻씠硫 移쒗솚寃쎌쟻씤 꽕怨꾨 媛옣 寃쎌웳젰 엳뒗 媛寃⑹쑝濡 援ы쁽븯怨좎옄 빀땲떎.

MAP GROUP 씠 쁺 쁽 Lee, Young Hyun 李쎌뾽二/Founder 


MAP employee ....

MAP GROUP쓽 궗썝利앹씠 깉濡쒖슫 뵒옄씤쑝濡 젣옉릺뿀뒿땲떎.

Publish 2017 ....

2017뀈룄 븷돱뼹 由ы룷듃媛 諛쒗뻾릺뿀뒿땲떎. 2017뀈룄 媛 遺臾몃퀎 몴 닔뻾떎쟻怨 떦궗쓽 궡쇅 씠뒋 냼떇쑝濡 援ъ꽦릺뼱 엳뒿땲떎.

Interview wit....

踰좏듃궓 援쁺諛⑹넚 HTV9뿉 踰좏듃궓踰뺤씤 씠젙샇踰뺤씤옣씠 異쒖뿰븯뿬 슦由ы쉶궗 빀옄뙆듃꼫궗 씠뒯洹몃9怨 MAP GROUP쓣 냼媛쒗븯뒿땲떎. 빐쇅쁽吏踰....